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Monday, 3 April 2017

Album Diaries 1

They lie like we inhale and exhale
And it provides for them in kind
No limit to their obfuscation of reality
Their currency is conned souls

In pursuit of limitless wealth
Nothing has any value
The oxygen that sustains them
Is no prized possession

Parrots with prosthetic plumage
To conceal their naked limitations
Ambitious for more weight
On their side of the scale

With a folksy charm
They lie to our faces
Knowledge is ignorance
Happiness is misery

Dead eyed incompetence
Great at their job
Selling us out
Making money for the mob

They can’t believe how easy it is
Convincing us corporate interests align with ours
Companies love us for making them rich
That’s why they poison us

It’s so easy for them to say
Regulations are our enemy
The purity of your food and water
Is of no consequence

Or the bad companies would go out of business
But not until thousands or millions had died
Dumping toxic waste in the oceans and lakes
To cut down on costs for essential amenities

While they make record profits
Give billions to bosses
We fight to tread water
They shoot from the shore

Easy for them to say we have no right
To take just a pittance of their massive income
That they took from us
Just so we can survive

Fish in an aquarium
Then they poison the water
And mock as we struggle
And laugh as we die

Anti-environmentalism since I’ve been aware of it has changed a bit. Sometimes spoken of ironically in terms like ‘who cares about the planet anyway’ or ‘so what if some species dies out it doesn’t really matter’. Recently the debate has moved to yes we do care about what happens to the planet and everything that’s important does matter but there’s simply nothing WE can do to prevent catastrophe. That some other developing countries which aren’t yet responsible for a tiny percentage of the damage that we’ve done to the atmosphere are the only people capable of saving the world and that they don’t want to, or are actively doing the opposite. This serves their narrative in multiple ways. It gives the the opportunity to take no responsibility, to look just as concerned as the majority about the consequences of inaction on issues of global warming and climate change with a bonus of being able to blame foreign nations and competitors for the destruction of our planet. The original ironic anti-environmentalism has just resurged without the irony but with the same rhetoric. The planet doesn’t matter, there’s nothing we could do to harm it, in fact it’s arrogant of us to think that there’s any way we could pollute the planet despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and in the face of this evidence, one world leader has decided to attempt to destroy any of that evidence and to prevent any new evidence from being recorded in any way. No longer is there any pretence that our lives and their own lives mean anything to them. The short term profits will lead them to live prosperous godly lives in which they can give charity to gain favour with their gods and can feel pity for the poor, the disabled, the sick and anyone who desperately needs them to contribute to their survival. These people are actively preparing for meeting god him or herself so they can present their portfolio of gracious and good deeds in a folksy, humble power point presentation while the good people they allowed to die on Earth burn jealously in the fiery pits of hell. No doubt there are others, more vindictive and less desperate to spend eternity away from the misery of their current lives with god in heaven, that have grown so misanthropic and devoid of any spiritual or moral connection with humanity that for the sake of it they are pursuing the planet’s demise. These two unlikely companions so full of cocaine and the blood of Christ they can barely see a metre in front of their eyes but can already see themselves with a front view seat and a first class ticket to the end of everything that ever was. It’s completely understandable if you are a fuel company with a vast sprawling operation staffed by mercenaries and contractors and have been unable to fight against the relentless pursuit of wealth by and through the extraction of resources from the ground that you’ve been unable to diversify. Can you even control your own lobbyists who get paid to keep your operation on the road at all times, they need no direct instructions or incentive from you but to collect the cheque when they deliver on deregulation in terms of allowing elements of your vast sprawling organisation to dispose of toxic waste, chemicals and fumes into the most convenient location at the lowest cost. And the officials you’re bribing too become reliant or at least addicted to those blood payments because at the end of the day if they’re not taking it from you they’ll take it from someone else. But we find ourselves in a place where we’re desperately clawing at the space around us to escape the planet that we’re killing so fast that when we reach the tipping point of no return each and every hair on our bodies will retreat or be burned into ash. And at the same time publicly pooled money, the money most efficiently and effectively collected to be used for our survival is being diverted from the programmes such as space travel that sometime soon we may actually require for the survival of human beings, hospitals, education anything and everything we might need is being handed out to the already disgustingly rich so that we may have nothing whatsoever and presumably there will be more resources for them to survive on during the waiting period. At no other time in history has it been so apparent that the majority of people are of no significance to the rich and powerful who even without being desperate would happily allow us to suffer for a tiny percentage increase in their already bursting vaults of pointless money that they will never use. So we’re being sacrificed by rich, powerful people and institutions while they vainly pretend to be doing all they can to ease our suffering. In their minds it’s becoming increasingly more convenient for them to cull us in a kind of mercy killing rather than have to watch as we shrivel into raisins in the coming global death valley. What they find beautiful I can’t possibly imagine and who they feel compassion for I will never know. This is the kind of person that is both ignorant of the effects of global warming but simultaneously happy to know that we’re all going to die in agony for it while they swan off to some space bunker or alternative planet to live out the last days of Rome in rancid isolation from their fellow human beings. Maybe in the past it was good of them to at least pretend that they cared about some of these things. Or maybe it’s better now that they’re unapologetically psychopathic and homicidal in the grandness of their negligence. Either way they will do nothing to change ours and their fate until we’re at their throats with a blade. Even then we couldn’t change their minds in regards to how superior they feel to us, having been born into rich families seems like such a weak piece of evidence for why you’re better than everybody else but apart from their vast wealth, their luxury accommodation, all the gourmet food in the world and so on what else do they have to cling to? It strikes me that there seems to be no way to prevent much of the coming climate apocalypse from happening but what we can do is harbour those who will most immediately be affected, and by affected I mean killed, by relocating them to areas which will be safe at least at first. We can ensure that we have the infrastructure to survive scarcity crises, to ensure we can transport resources that we need to higher ground and things of this nature. Fundamentally before any of this can be approached without some kind of massive army, we have to tackle the overwhelming wall of lies that surrounds us and closes inches each day. We have to prevent the megaphones of disinformation from polarising and brain washing us, boiling us slowly in the pan until we are dead. As much as we can contradict and discredit them publicly we have to do this but ultimately we’re either going to have to outbid their employers or silence them altogether. It can’t be that with a whimper and some nebulous notion of freedom we allow ourselves to be lied to unto oblivion. We’ll have to find a way to effectively punish harmful, vindictive lies that are keeping millions or billions in complete darkness, actively cheering for their oppressors and condemning those working to help them and themselves. Or else we’re all 100% dead without having put up a fight. At some level it has to be possible that we have a kind of intervention to prevent the self harm that people are knowingly or unknowingly committing. It’s not out of the question that some of the main people with the power to change our course are simply ignorant, somehow of the harm that’s being permitted. And that somehow we can have that talk without them fearing that they’re being lied to and will the end result that they get on board. There’s a million and one reasons not to trust various figures of authority and to extend that to anyone who contradicts your personal world view but given the overwhelming evidence, if we can confront these people with the end of the world, their children’s and grand children’s lives then it will be easy for them to change their minds. The others, not so much. Although maybe they can be bought out.

Vaporise bindings
Lies, hypnotised
Under sea, in the sky
Poison rises
We die

Our home is transforming
A tomb for the living

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