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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Album Diaries 3

Racist stone-age shithole island off the european continent.

So we had this vote to take the country back to the stone-age when there were no muslims or black people here and it went really well. Since the vote happened we as a nation have been taking the fight directly to the  perfectly  decent hard working people of this country  that speak in foreign accents and/or have dark skin because really it was their turn to be subject to racism. It’s been literally no time at all   that white people have been subject to any kind of racial discrimination in the UK and quite frankly that is too long. So obviously there had to be a backlash in retaliation to the non-existent attempted white-genocide that people on the internet have been complaining about ever since a black person became president of the united states. During that time we’ve of course had multiple white supremacist terrorists with manifestos describing how and why they want to reinstate segregation in a way that it perhaps hasn’t ever existed outside of specifically and deliberately segregated societies and they often complain about the jews and the muslims too just in case you doubted their commitment to hatred. But we won, it’s over, get over it - as we like to say. So now we have to be poorer, with less opportunities and with less culturally diverse communities. Which is great. That’s exactly what was missing from the UK. Lets go back to a made up time which never existed when every english man and woman  prayed to the queen  in their  clean coal mines which didn’t give them black lung and the children worked in chimneys which were full of oxygen and in no way caused them to live short lives of quiet desperation and wiston churchill sent the sausage eating nazis, who were actually  communists like david milliband  all the way back to germany where there’s a massive problem with all of the people that we voted to kick out of the country. Also the 48% of voters who said no to leaving our neighbours to deal with all that libtard peace and stability nonsense instead of going down the pub to have a pint of fosters and smoking in the car with their kids in the glove box on the way home, actually they were all paid off by george soros who wants to create an army of trans gender muslims to install sharia law and make us blokes wear wigs and make-up underneath our burkas, or they were just lied to by other communists like david cameron and george osborne who in no way were the worst double act to ever grace the highest political office in the UK. Just to say for all of this thanks nigel farage for being a solid geezer who doesn’t deserve to be run through a mangle, folded into a human aeroplane and fired into the sun but who surely has saved us all and maybe even the whole of humanity from being a little nicer to people who are a little different to us. Phew. That was a close one.

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