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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Album Diaries 6

When we march we are marching because we choose to. We’re marching for the people that we care about and the issues that affect them but it’s not out of the question to think of a time when our marching is an order to be carried out or the consequences faced. It’s not without precedent. In the first world war our ancestors were commanded out of relative safety to pursue their enemies through a wall of gunfire. Human beings used as non conventional weapons to demoralise the enemy in a suicidal charge that would inevitably claim their lives with little gains made. There was a sense of honour but it was futile. And it was an order. To march to your death. A protest is so much more gratifying. Your own banner with whatever you want it to say. If you want to stop then you stop. Take a photo of the crowds. Share it with your friends on social media. Everyone is there to show their support for each other. Everybody is free to do and say as they please. And nobody dies.

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