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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tear this down

Who says we need foreigners at all? Lets just make the whole world outside of England a resort for us to go and get drunk and have fun in the sun and party until it goes down. Seriously. The British passport will be the only one that works and no one else will be allowed to leave their country except for us. We'll go and visit them to laugh at their stupid accents and their even stupider languages while they serve us cheap food and drink and if they answer back we'll smash the fucking place up. There'll only be one country and we'll own it. And we'll own their land and they'll work for free growing and harvesting our fruits and vegetables because fuck them and their mystical intimidating traditions and their fundamentalist cultures we like football and women and fighting and beer and everything else can sling it's hook. Not just Britain for the British Britain for the whole world forever empire 2.0 Brexit send them all back who's with me?

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