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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sickroom session one concluded

Day 3. The guitars are done for now. Twin rhythm backed up with twin lead in some places, more rhythm in others. Next session not until May. Patience and more writing / practice for the vocals. All in all, well on our way to a bloody album!

Until next time all the best,


Sickroom continued

Day 2. Pretty much all of the guitars done for now. Some solos and ambience to come tomorrow and then it's about a month until we're back in for the bass and drums. After that some time to work on the vocals but nothing booked up yet. Feeling good about what we have and what is to come. A welcome distraction from this mad state of affairs. Album means album. It's going to be a red white and blue album. The British people have spoken. What in the hell happens next?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Day 1 went pretty well. Well on our way to recording the guitar tracks for this album. Hubbard's hand is destroyed. Can't put pressure on my left index finger but at 9 1/2 songs in who cares? Only a day until the UK presses the self destruct button. It's been nice living in you, European Union but we seem to have had some kind of aneurysm and things are looking bleak as all hell. Until then we'll make some music. Probably afterwards too. All the best, George

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New album later this year

Hi there,

Long time no post. Recorded a few songs back in November that became my most recent release 'Tumbledown' and since then haven't been very active in recording new material. I'm no longer doing at least a song a week and haven't for a while but I've been saving up in terms of ca$h money and in terms of ideas and I've got two sessions of a few days each booked up so far this year in pursuit of a new album. I've written a good chunk of it and hopefully it will all come together under the pressure of the time constraints. Like 'Tumbledown' the content of this album will be an attempt to breathe life into concerns about the direction we're all going in and an attempt to provide warning signs for the absent minded black hole we seem to have created. I'm not a scientist but I think we should turn from that black hole rather than jump inside it in the hope that we'll come out the other side a stone or two lighter. As always we have to think about the future with imagination to avoid stagnating in nostalgic longing. Genuine belief in the prosperity of humanity is pretty thoroughly trumped in the face of constant unanswered threats to our survival. But it's worth considering that we don't have to set fire to the planet in advance of it catching fire by itself. Instead of abandoning every positive social policy to pay for this black hole we're staring into we should be thinking of ways to provide for the millions of refugees we're creating in war zones, to generate and store clean, renewable energy and to ensure the essentials of life are sustainable so future generations don't have to live with rationing of food and water all across the world. At a time when most political dialogue is about whether or not it's OK to discriminate against people from a different country or religion and whether or not it's worse to be called a racist than to actually be a racist it's important to try and change that. Were I a  much better and more influential writer I hope I might be able to do that but maybe at the very least I can lend support and a bit of a soundtrack to those with the power and will to do something about it so hopefully that's what this album will end up being. Big thanks to Laurence, Dan and Christian for joining me in these sessions. No doubt the finished product will be massively enhanced as a result of this collaborative effort. More details to follow as and when I next remember that this blog / website exists.