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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Album Diaries 6

When we march we are marching because we choose to. We’re marching for the people that we care about and the issues that affect them but it’s not out of the question to think of a time when our marching is an order to be carried out or the consequences faced. It’s not without precedent. In the first world war our ancestors were commanded out of relative safety to pursue their enemies through a wall of gunfire. Human beings used as non conventional weapons to demoralise the enemy in a suicidal charge that would inevitably claim their lives with little gains made. There was a sense of honour but it was futile. And it was an order. To march to your death. A protest is so much more gratifying. Your own banner with whatever you want it to say. If you want to stop then you stop. Take a photo of the crowds. Share it with your friends on social media. Everyone is there to show their support for each other. Everybody is free to do and say as they please. And nobody dies.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tear this down

Who says we need foreigners at all? Lets just make the whole world outside of England a resort for us to go and get drunk and have fun in the sun and party until it goes down. Seriously. The British passport will be the only one that works and no one else will be allowed to leave their country except for us. We'll go and visit them to laugh at their stupid accents and their even stupider languages while they serve us cheap food and drink and if they answer back we'll smash the fucking place up. There'll only be one country and we'll own it. And we'll own their land and they'll work for free growing and harvesting our fruits and vegetables because fuck them and their mystical intimidating traditions and their fundamentalist cultures we like football and women and fighting and beer and everything else can sling it's hook. Not just Britain for the British Britain for the whole world forever empire 2.0 Brexit send them all back who's with me?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Album Diaries 5

Somewhere in the fine print you’d expect to find something like we reserve the right to have you forcibly removed if you don’t comply with a request for you to vacate your seat and the vehicle and for that reason some people have chosen not to care that three police officers boarded a plane and bloodied a passenger’s mouth in the process of knocking him out before pulling his limp body through the aisle passed shocked tired and frightened passengers. No problem because somewhere in the process of buying a plane ticket you agree that for perhaps no reason if the airline or the crew want you to leave the plane then failure to comply could lead to you being forcibly removed from the vehicle. Putting aside all the information that’s available about the reasons this particular passenger was asked to leave and the reasons why he refused to do so was this the best way to handle the situation? Was it possible to not knock an old man’s teeth out in this instance? Was it deliberate? Are we supposed to be scared to step on a plane not because of a terrorist threat but because we might be beaten by airport police because the airline saw a way to avoid transporting some staff for an unrelated flight? Did they think that no one would film this or that no one would care when they saw the video of him saying just kill me or they’re going to kill me over and over again like he didn’t know what to do with himself because he was so scared? What happened to protect and serve? Who was protected in this instance? It seems pretty blatant that he was an inconvenience to a private company that had either made a mistake or just saw a way to save a few bucks yet he was yanked against an arm rest screaming and hitting his face so hard that there was blood around his mouth. What were the instructions given to those police officers? Were they told that the man was a terrorist or that he was causing trouble or distress to the other passengers? Were they told the truth and they used their own initiative to solve the airline’s little problem for them for a free flight or some cash? What happened to him after he was pulled from the plane? Why did he appear back on the plane looking shaken and sounding almost incomprehensible like he’d been interrogated or beaten up some more? Someone but preferably everyone has to take some share of the punishment for this. Such a small and stupid decision that has had such a dramatic cascading effect. A more reasonable counter argument would be that operating an airline or just organising and executing a flight is a stressful undertaking and simply put whoever was in charge of decision making was unprepared and as a result grossly negligent and should be fired and banned from working in that or a similar position. But instead the counter argument has been subservience and blind obedience of some clause potentially in a small print. That if your flight asks you to volunteer to leave and you say no then the police can drag you out unconscious if that’s what it takes because you wouldn’t volunteer to give up your seat which you paid for because the airline wanted to save some money or just fucked up. There’s a class component to this in that supposedly the passengers which are asked to volunteer in these situations are the passengers who spent the least amount of money on their tickets because the vouchers they give out as a refund are a multiple of your ticket price like 4 times the cost or something like that. So they pick out the people who are going to cost them the least in a fake lottery which if people are knowledgeable of this is humiliating enough but it’s worth considering the age and fragility of the passenger too who was in no position to put up much of a fight although he did resist when manhandled by the police officers. This was an old skinny guy and you have to wonder whether that played a part in this. All of this on a day in which in London a police officer’s life was celebrated for the courage he showed in the face of a serious criminal attack which claimed his life. The contrast is staggering.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Album Diaries 4

George Osborne’s cuts on benefits come in to force. The man who along with Cameron was ousted from the right pushed through cuts on the most vulnerable in society that will now devastate the people who currently rely on food banks to feed themselves and their families. That’s pretty much peak Conservative Party. It only gets worse from here for poor, disabled people and widows. Not exactly first on everyone’s list of who owes the government money but everyone isn’t the previous chancellor of the exchequer. And they’ve just been ousted from the right. And the Conservative Party are polling well amongst prospective British voters. What is the matter. What has the world done to the British public that their is such support for degrading and starving the poor from even the poor themselves. What a chip on the shoulder and how heavy the weight of this will weigh for years to come on the people either cheering for this or who have managed to convince themselves that this is awful but necessary. Suicides up amongst disabled people forced to try and work, punished into further poverty by a system that is rewarded for their punishment. What is it about the left wing that you find so clumsy, or bleeding heart that you prefer to allow disabled, poor, old people to be driven to such distress that their preferred way out is suicide. A long term economic plan. A big train. Tax cuts for the richest people in the country. Sweetheart deals for companies that will almost certainly bail on the country when the cost of Brexit fails. Job creators. Landlords. Nuclear weapons. Fair to accuse me of talking the country down here but it’s hardly worse than breaking it down with political power. But we will continue to reduce the living standards of people in poverty. And there will be less places and people for them to turn to as life gets harder for everyone. Many people are active in resisting these cuts and have been since they were announced. But ideologically the Conservative Party are inclined to increase the wealth of rich people according to them because of a belief that wealth trickles down or that rich people create jobs when the reality is that successful businesses are often started by people who weren’t born rich and who have never had to work, relying on their inherited fortune or investment in properties and land but who were born much more modestly. And the reality is that everyone who is not rich is looked down upon and we are lied to constantly and vindictively that if only we worked harder or smarter then we would all be millionaires. We are told that it is our own fault that we were not born rich and that there’s something inherently better about the people who are that somehow makes it OK for poor, disabled or otherwise sick people to be discarded like they are somehow defective. And one of the reasons for this, I think is because everyone even the wealthiest rely on poor people for the life that they’re living. All of us depend on poor working people for the work that they do which were they to stop working altogether much of society would fall to pieces. And so the message from the Conservative Party for reasons known only to themselves and their consciences is work harder. Work smarter. And you will be just like the celebrities that you see on TV and on the internet. One of these days that messaging is going to lose it’s power. At least this is what I hope because things are getting worse and they are already as bad as they could be. At the moment if there was an election called nobody would win. There would be a huge transfer of seats at both ends of the Brexit divide and both of the current strongest parties would lose out significantly. What happens after that I think is that we’ll have two substantial blocks of parties and maybe some independent mps and both sides will negotiate amongst themselves to form the next government. If this goes well we’ll avoid the worst thing that could possibly happen to this country but that doesn’t mean things will be great. The Liberal Democrats surely cannot go back into a coalition with the Conservative Party. Surely not. But time will tell. They have positioned themselves firmly in opposition to Brexit BUT it’s not inconceivable that under the guise of once again moderating the Conservative Party’s approach to governing, in particular around the exiting of the EU, they would consider taking an offer to go back into power once again in the minority and with promises that they will break immediately because they will be outvoted. Surely this cannot happen and the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party, the SNP, the Green Party and any other centre or left wing parties or independents will stand together, perhaps with some co-ordination to prevent a UKIP and Conservative Party coalition from finishing what they’ve started. Surely. Or maybe we’ll all be convinced that everything will be fine if we get rid of some more migrants, or we cuts pay for nurses and teachers, or we just close down schools and hospitals to pay for George Osborne’s friends and admirers to pay less tax, to pay no tax maybe. Maybe we’ll decide that Nigel Farage knows what’s best for us and we’ll go to war with Spain and help Trump build a wall and fire from warships at asylum seekers in the Mediterranean and help Saudi Arabia kill civilians in Yemen and cover for America the next time a hospital and all of its patients are bombed to demoralise fundamentalist terrorists in Syria. What is the reason to feel good about any of this current situation we find ourselves in that the Brexiteers are so fucking happy about right now. What is your problem.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Album Diaries 3

Racist stone-age shithole island off the european continent.

So we had this vote to take the country back to the stone-age when there were no muslims or black people here and it went really well. Since the vote happened we as a nation have been taking the fight directly to the  perfectly  decent hard working people of this country  that speak in foreign accents and/or have dark skin because really it was their turn to be subject to racism. It’s been literally no time at all   that white people have been subject to any kind of racial discrimination in the UK and quite frankly that is too long. So obviously there had to be a backlash in retaliation to the non-existent attempted white-genocide that people on the internet have been complaining about ever since a black person became president of the united states. During that time we’ve of course had multiple white supremacist terrorists with manifestos describing how and why they want to reinstate segregation in a way that it perhaps hasn’t ever existed outside of specifically and deliberately segregated societies and they often complain about the jews and the muslims too just in case you doubted their commitment to hatred. But we won, it’s over, get over it - as we like to say. So now we have to be poorer, with less opportunities and with less culturally diverse communities. Which is great. That’s exactly what was missing from the UK. Lets go back to a made up time which never existed when every english man and woman  prayed to the queen  in their  clean coal mines which didn’t give them black lung and the children worked in chimneys which were full of oxygen and in no way caused them to live short lives of quiet desperation and wiston churchill sent the sausage eating nazis, who were actually  communists like david milliband  all the way back to germany where there’s a massive problem with all of the people that we voted to kick out of the country. Also the 48% of voters who said no to leaving our neighbours to deal with all that libtard peace and stability nonsense instead of going down the pub to have a pint of fosters and smoking in the car with their kids in the glove box on the way home, actually they were all paid off by george soros who wants to create an army of trans gender muslims to install sharia law and make us blokes wear wigs and make-up underneath our burkas, or they were just lied to by other communists like david cameron and george osborne who in no way were the worst double act to ever grace the highest political office in the UK. Just to say for all of this thanks nigel farage for being a solid geezer who doesn’t deserve to be run through a mangle, folded into a human aeroplane and fired into the sun but who surely has saved us all and maybe even the whole of humanity from being a little nicer to people who are a little different to us. Phew. That was a close one.

Album Diaries 2

So mannered, like a Pez dispenser obliging with each tilt of his head
   His arms tied to a  false reading of history
He didn’t get it, even when confronted with the fatality of his inanity
   Too much pressure to not get caught
Not     one choice to benefit     human beings
   When an entity    had them in the cross hairs
He lit them up    like the fourth of July
   With shit for a tongue  and a  grin to sink lifeboats
No relief from the   rib breaking steel toe caps
   Breaking them in  for eternal damnation
Better to shill than to   reason or meditate
   Better to die than   abandon your cargo

It seems heartless for a person to act  against their instincts  to protect their fellow human beings by offering them up as a  sacrifice  in a corporate malpractice case, presumably for little reason other than that the precedent set by treating that person reasonably and with  dignity  would be an undesirable one to set for future lawmakers. But that’s the kind of thing that seems like a rational thing to do when you’re the nominee for the supreme court of the united states. How about standing up for a child with learning difficulties and his family who think he deserves more than the absolute bare minimum attempt to provide him with an education? That seems like an easy case to decide doesn’t it? But not to this nominee, who presumably saw that setting a precedent of requiring school’s to commit more than the bare minimum of resources in attempt to provide an education to a child with autism would hinder other school’s from similarly treating anyone challenging with care and respect. Clearly this was too much to ask. All in a day’s work when you’re the golly gosh darned judicial nomination from the party of abraham lincoln. I don’t know about you but I think the priorities of the not even fundamentally religious in the united states is kind of fucked up. The big issues for them in ensuring that the democrats were unable to nominate and confirm somebody to the supreme court were abortion, guns and the lgbt community. These issues allowed them to knowingly and perhaps with their noses held but who knows, vote for a guy who was caught on tape saying that because he’s famous he can sexually assault women and that they, in fact, want him to do it. They like it. A guy who’s wife once testified in court that he raped her. A guy who has no observable knowledge of the way in which the american government operates and who day by day treats the american people like  peasants  and himself the  king.  His current wife won’t even live with him in what is presumably one of the grandest and most beautiful buildings in the world for no given reason and at the vast expense of american taxpayers. A man who passed unconstitutional laws to ban muslims from entering the country only to have his executive order thrown back into his face by the courts. And fifty percent of voting americans cannot be fundamentalist christians. So many of them are what people commonly refer to as moderates. But even in moderation all of these things are acceptable by comparison to allowing women to have an abortion if for instance the process of giving birth might kill them. Or if they got pregnant in an assault from some stranger or from someone they thought they could trust but let them down. Even in moderation these things are acceptable by comparison to tweaking the laws a little so that it’s harder to acquire lethal weapons for people with violent criminal histories or with a diagnosed psychological condition that might cause them to act violently and irrationally. All of these things are acceptable by comparison to allowing gay and transgender people to fucking live in peace without being made to feel like criminals or heathens. What are your priorities like if you value these things over your ability to see a doctor without having to live in  crippling debt  for the rest of your life, or more likely just dying because no insurer is willing to pay for your treatment? What are your priorities like if you are willing to have your rights as a worker eradicated just so gun manufacturers can continue to make huge profits? It’s actually unbelievable the extent to which people can be brainwashed into giving up everything in favour of a few things. The vice president won’t allow himself to have dinner with any woman other than his wife, who he calls mother. What year are we living in? What year would they like us to be living in? Because apparently living under a  totalitarian fascist dictatorship  is more desirable than allowing women and gay people to continue to live in the 21st century. This is so fucking disrespectful of the men, women and children who died in the services of their country to defeat fascism, to beat back the forces that would see people murdered en masse for some absurd notion of a master race. And the shame you should feel if you’re into this government because at least you didn’t vote for a woman, it’s really off the scale. It’s such an insult. I find it hard to believe but to be on that side of the argument you have to have more in common with islamic fundamentalists than you do with your neighbours and I can’t believe how many people signed up for this. How can they be so different that they would rather see their fellow human beings treated like dirt, thrown out of the country or into camps, both of which has been discussed by members of the president’s campaign team up to the election. The reigns have been taken off the border enforcement police so that now the pursuit of dangerous, criminal drug and people traffickers is too dangerous and they are going door to door harassing law abiding migrants who’ve lived in the country for decades, who have families that were born there and threatening them with deportation, because they’re easy targets. It’s an absolute disgrace. And whatever they think they were trying to achieve will surely be mitigated by the absolute misery that this government with throw their lives into. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Album Diaries 1

They lie like we inhale and exhale
And it provides for them in kind
No limit to their obfuscation of reality
Their currency is conned souls

In pursuit of limitless wealth
Nothing has any value
The oxygen that sustains them
Is no prized possession

Parrots with prosthetic plumage
To conceal their naked limitations
Ambitious for more weight
On their side of the scale

With a folksy charm
They lie to our faces
Knowledge is ignorance
Happiness is misery

Dead eyed incompetence
Great at their job
Selling us out
Making money for the mob

They can’t believe how easy it is
Convincing us corporate interests align with ours
Companies love us for making them rich
That’s why they poison us

It’s so easy for them to say
Regulations are our enemy
The purity of your food and water
Is of no consequence

Or the bad companies would go out of business
But not until thousands or millions had died
Dumping toxic waste in the oceans and lakes
To cut down on costs for essential amenities

While they make record profits
Give billions to bosses
We fight to tread water
They shoot from the shore

Easy for them to say we have no right
To take just a pittance of their massive income
That they took from us
Just so we can survive

Fish in an aquarium
Then they poison the water
And mock as we struggle
And laugh as we die

Anti-environmentalism since I’ve been aware of it has changed a bit. Sometimes spoken of ironically in terms like ‘who cares about the planet anyway’ or ‘so what if some species dies out it doesn’t really matter’. Recently the debate has moved to yes we do care about what happens to the planet and everything that’s important does matter but there’s simply nothing WE can do to prevent catastrophe. That some other developing countries which aren’t yet responsible for a tiny percentage of the damage that we’ve done to the atmosphere are the only people capable of saving the world and that they don’t want to, or are actively doing the opposite. This serves their narrative in multiple ways. It gives the the opportunity to take no responsibility, to look just as concerned as the majority about the consequences of inaction on issues of global warming and climate change with a bonus of being able to blame foreign nations and competitors for the destruction of our planet. The original ironic anti-environmentalism has just resurged without the irony but with the same rhetoric. The planet doesn’t matter, there’s nothing we could do to harm it, in fact it’s arrogant of us to think that there’s any way we could pollute the planet despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and in the face of this evidence, one world leader has decided to attempt to destroy any of that evidence and to prevent any new evidence from being recorded in any way. No longer is there any pretence that our lives and their own lives mean anything to them. The short term profits will lead them to live prosperous godly lives in which they can give charity to gain favour with their gods and can feel pity for the poor, the disabled, the sick and anyone who desperately needs them to contribute to their survival. These people are actively preparing for meeting god him or herself so they can present their portfolio of gracious and good deeds in a folksy, humble power point presentation while the good people they allowed to die on Earth burn jealously in the fiery pits of hell. No doubt there are others, more vindictive and less desperate to spend eternity away from the misery of their current lives with god in heaven, that have grown so misanthropic and devoid of any spiritual or moral connection with humanity that for the sake of it they are pursuing the planet’s demise. These two unlikely companions so full of cocaine and the blood of Christ they can barely see a metre in front of their eyes but can already see themselves with a front view seat and a first class ticket to the end of everything that ever was. It’s completely understandable if you are a fuel company with a vast sprawling operation staffed by mercenaries and contractors and have been unable to fight against the relentless pursuit of wealth by and through the extraction of resources from the ground that you’ve been unable to diversify. Can you even control your own lobbyists who get paid to keep your operation on the road at all times, they need no direct instructions or incentive from you but to collect the cheque when they deliver on deregulation in terms of allowing elements of your vast sprawling organisation to dispose of toxic waste, chemicals and fumes into the most convenient location at the lowest cost. And the officials you’re bribing too become reliant or at least addicted to those blood payments because at the end of the day if they’re not taking it from you they’ll take it from someone else. But we find ourselves in a place where we’re desperately clawing at the space around us to escape the planet that we’re killing so fast that when we reach the tipping point of no return each and every hair on our bodies will retreat or be burned into ash. And at the same time publicly pooled money, the money most efficiently and effectively collected to be used for our survival is being diverted from the programmes such as space travel that sometime soon we may actually require for the survival of human beings, hospitals, education anything and everything we might need is being handed out to the already disgustingly rich so that we may have nothing whatsoever and presumably there will be more resources for them to survive on during the waiting period. At no other time in history has it been so apparent that the majority of people are of no significance to the rich and powerful who even without being desperate would happily allow us to suffer for a tiny percentage increase in their already bursting vaults of pointless money that they will never use. So we’re being sacrificed by rich, powerful people and institutions while they vainly pretend to be doing all they can to ease our suffering. In their minds it’s becoming increasingly more convenient for them to cull us in a kind of mercy killing rather than have to watch as we shrivel into raisins in the coming global death valley. What they find beautiful I can’t possibly imagine and who they feel compassion for I will never know. This is the kind of person that is both ignorant of the effects of global warming but simultaneously happy to know that we’re all going to die in agony for it while they swan off to some space bunker or alternative planet to live out the last days of Rome in rancid isolation from their fellow human beings. Maybe in the past it was good of them to at least pretend that they cared about some of these things. Or maybe it’s better now that they’re unapologetically psychopathic and homicidal in the grandness of their negligence. Either way they will do nothing to change ours and their fate until we’re at their throats with a blade. Even then we couldn’t change their minds in regards to how superior they feel to us, having been born into rich families seems like such a weak piece of evidence for why you’re better than everybody else but apart from their vast wealth, their luxury accommodation, all the gourmet food in the world and so on what else do they have to cling to? It strikes me that there seems to be no way to prevent much of the coming climate apocalypse from happening but what we can do is harbour those who will most immediately be affected, and by affected I mean killed, by relocating them to areas which will be safe at least at first. We can ensure that we have the infrastructure to survive scarcity crises, to ensure we can transport resources that we need to higher ground and things of this nature. Fundamentally before any of this can be approached without some kind of massive army, we have to tackle the overwhelming wall of lies that surrounds us and closes inches each day. We have to prevent the megaphones of disinformation from polarising and brain washing us, boiling us slowly in the pan until we are dead. As much as we can contradict and discredit them publicly we have to do this but ultimately we’re either going to have to outbid their employers or silence them altogether. It can’t be that with a whimper and some nebulous notion of freedom we allow ourselves to be lied to unto oblivion. We’ll have to find a way to effectively punish harmful, vindictive lies that are keeping millions or billions in complete darkness, actively cheering for their oppressors and condemning those working to help them and themselves. Or else we’re all 100% dead without having put up a fight. At some level it has to be possible that we have a kind of intervention to prevent the self harm that people are knowingly or unknowingly committing. It’s not out of the question that some of the main people with the power to change our course are simply ignorant, somehow of the harm that’s being permitted. And that somehow we can have that talk without them fearing that they’re being lied to and will the end result that they get on board. There’s a million and one reasons not to trust various figures of authority and to extend that to anyone who contradicts your personal world view but given the overwhelming evidence, if we can confront these people with the end of the world, their children’s and grand children’s lives then it will be easy for them to change their minds. The others, not so much. Although maybe they can be bought out.

Vaporise bindings
Lies, hypnotised
Under sea, in the sky
Poison rises
We die

Our home is transforming
A tomb for the living