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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Album Diaries 2

So mannered, like a Pez dispenser obliging with each tilt of his head
   His arms tied to a  false reading of history
He didn’t get it, even when confronted with the fatality of his inanity
   Too much pressure to not get caught
Not     one choice to benefit     human beings
   When an entity    had them in the cross hairs
He lit them up    like the fourth of July
   With shit for a tongue  and a  grin to sink lifeboats
No relief from the   rib breaking steel toe caps
   Breaking them in  for eternal damnation
Better to shill than to   reason or meditate
   Better to die than   abandon your cargo

It seems heartless for a person to act  against their instincts  to protect their fellow human beings by offering them up as a  sacrifice  in a corporate malpractice case, presumably for little reason other than that the precedent set by treating that person reasonably and with  dignity  would be an undesirable one to set for future lawmakers. But that’s the kind of thing that seems like a rational thing to do when you’re the nominee for the supreme court of the united states. How about standing up for a child with learning difficulties and his family who think he deserves more than the absolute bare minimum attempt to provide him with an education? That seems like an easy case to decide doesn’t it? But not to this nominee, who presumably saw that setting a precedent of requiring school’s to commit more than the bare minimum of resources in attempt to provide an education to a child with autism would hinder other school’s from similarly treating anyone challenging with care and respect. Clearly this was too much to ask. All in a day’s work when you’re the golly gosh darned judicial nomination from the party of abraham lincoln. I don’t know about you but I think the priorities of the not even fundamentally religious in the united states is kind of fucked up. The big issues for them in ensuring that the democrats were unable to nominate and confirm somebody to the supreme court were abortion, guns and the lgbt community. These issues allowed them to knowingly and perhaps with their noses held but who knows, vote for a guy who was caught on tape saying that because he’s famous he can sexually assault women and that they, in fact, want him to do it. They like it. A guy who’s wife once testified in court that he raped her. A guy who has no observable knowledge of the way in which the american government operates and who day by day treats the american people like  peasants  and himself the  king.  His current wife won’t even live with him in what is presumably one of the grandest and most beautiful buildings in the world for no given reason and at the vast expense of american taxpayers. A man who passed unconstitutional laws to ban muslims from entering the country only to have his executive order thrown back into his face by the courts. And fifty percent of voting americans cannot be fundamentalist christians. So many of them are what people commonly refer to as moderates. But even in moderation all of these things are acceptable by comparison to allowing women to have an abortion if for instance the process of giving birth might kill them. Or if they got pregnant in an assault from some stranger or from someone they thought they could trust but let them down. Even in moderation these things are acceptable by comparison to tweaking the laws a little so that it’s harder to acquire lethal weapons for people with violent criminal histories or with a diagnosed psychological condition that might cause them to act violently and irrationally. All of these things are acceptable by comparison to allowing gay and transgender people to fucking live in peace without being made to feel like criminals or heathens. What are your priorities like if you value these things over your ability to see a doctor without having to live in  crippling debt  for the rest of your life, or more likely just dying because no insurer is willing to pay for your treatment? What are your priorities like if you are willing to have your rights as a worker eradicated just so gun manufacturers can continue to make huge profits? It’s actually unbelievable the extent to which people can be brainwashed into giving up everything in favour of a few things. The vice president won’t allow himself to have dinner with any woman other than his wife, who he calls mother. What year are we living in? What year would they like us to be living in? Because apparently living under a  totalitarian fascist dictatorship  is more desirable than allowing women and gay people to continue to live in the 21st century. This is so fucking disrespectful of the men, women and children who died in the services of their country to defeat fascism, to beat back the forces that would see people murdered en masse for some absurd notion of a master race. And the shame you should feel if you’re into this government because at least you didn’t vote for a woman, it’s really off the scale. It’s such an insult. I find it hard to believe but to be on that side of the argument you have to have more in common with islamic fundamentalists than you do with your neighbours and I can’t believe how many people signed up for this. How can they be so different that they would rather see their fellow human beings treated like dirt, thrown out of the country or into camps, both of which has been discussed by members of the president’s campaign team up to the election. The reigns have been taken off the border enforcement police so that now the pursuit of dangerous, criminal drug and people traffickers is too dangerous and they are going door to door harassing law abiding migrants who’ve lived in the country for decades, who have families that were born there and threatening them with deportation, because they’re easy targets. It’s an absolute disgrace. And whatever they think they were trying to achieve will surely be mitigated by the absolute misery that this government with throw their lives into. 

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