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Friday, 29 August 2014



Just a quick update. Thanks to anyone who's listened to the album, I hope you enjoyed it.
I made a change to this website by adding a donate button on the side.
Also I've been experimenting with livestreaming on youtube. The idea is that I could arrange a date and play some songs live on the internet and if anyone wants to watch it live they can but if not it all gets recorded and goes up on the videos section pretty much instantly. It sounds ok most of the time but sound tends to dip in and out sometimes which is a bit of a problem. The video looks fine too coming straight from my phone camera.
I could also do some live videos more on the composition side of things if that would be interesting for anyone.
Anyway, I'll post any updates for that.
In other news I decided to get cds made up, hopefully to sell in some independent music shops in Norwich. I know there are a couple and in the past I've thought about it but it just hasn't happened so this time I'm starting small and then if all goes well I can get some more cds and take them with me on tour. I'll also send them to anyone who's bought a copy of the album on bandcamp and make that a standard part of buying the music. Although you could opt out of this if for any reason you didn't want a physical copy. Your choice.


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